How much do we need to invest in wedding videography?

Clients are different and so are their requirements. Our packages start from £2,500 onwards, and are variable upon the size and type wedding. The cost also depends upon the size of crew required and any additional services such as same-day edits, aerial videography, use of jib cranes, and any other special requirements.

Each wedding is unique and the investment can be more or less. Our mantra is to produce a bespoke, innovative and creative wedding cinematography that is inspired by the client’s individuality and budget. Be assured that you will always be getting honest, fair and bespoke package from us.


How long are the edited wedding films?

Depending upon your wedding videography package, you can opt for the full length feature films where the average duration is between 90-120 minutes or a short documentary edit where the average length is 30-45 minutes. Additionally,  no matter which wedding videography package you choose, you will also get a wedding trailer of  3-5 minutes length which will encapsulate the main shots of the wedding event. 

 Each client’s requirement is different and we can edit your films shorter or longer based upon your requirement. For more information, feel free to contact us.


How many crew members will be available on the wedding day?

 Our packages are customized to your requirements and so is our crew. Depending upon the size of your wedding, there can be between two to five people shooting the wedding video on the day. Be assured that no matter how many crew members are there, they are trained to high standards and amongst the top industry professionals.


Do we get the raw wedding footage? 

Yes, you definitely get all the uncut raw footage shot on your wedding day. You just need to provide us with a Hard Drive and we will transfer all your raw files on it.


Do you provide same-day wedding edits?

 Yes, as a matter of fact we were one of the first company in the UK who started offering clients the same-day wedding edit service back in the year 2008 and we continue to excel in this niche wedding service.


Do you do destination weddings?

Yes we do! All over the world and across the six continents, (unless you decide to get married in Antarctica…..isn’t it going to be a tad bit too cold??).  We have been undertaking destination-wedding videography for a while now as a lot of our clients decide to seek the sunnier and exotic locations to counteract the unpredictable British weather. Check out our work on destination weddings on Facebook/Vimeo/Youtube to see all the places we have travelled to and get inspired.